Dr. Dimah Habash has 36 years research experience in physiological and genetic factors defining multigenic complex traits such as nitrogen and water use in wheat. Areas of  expertise focus on nitrogen metabolism, senescence and remobilisation of assimilate in response to environmental stress. Studies integrate physiological,  genetic, genomic and biochemical approaches. She has co-ordinated multidisciplinary EU projects on nitrogen use (EUFV SUSTAIN) and water use (EUFVI TRITIMED) in wheat and. She has strong international collaborations with CGIAR centre ICARDA and built networks with plant science research centres in the  Mediterranean region. She has worked at Rothamsted Research  after a doctoral degree from the University of Essex in plant physiology with Neil Baker and Steve Long.  She is currently  a member of the IWGSC and the  Editorial Board of Frontiers in Plant Nutrition.  

Publications in Google Scholar.         ORCID 0000-0003-2222-4825 

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Advisory Board 

Kellye Eversole, President Eversole Associates, Bethesda USA; Executive Director, IWGSC.

Miloudi Nachit, Principal Wheat Geneticist, BIGMP, CGIAR-ICARDA, Rabat, Morocco.